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For Sale - Female Llamas
Sycamore Hills Ranch - 41600 Intrepid Road - Hemet, CA 92544 - 951-767-4516


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Llama Herd Reduction Sale
See the llamas we have for sale on our 
Llama page. 
Call for Pricing & Current Availability.


Sycamore Hills Ranch
Robert & Michele Smith
41600 Intrepid Rd.
Hemet, CA 92544

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Llama Herd Reduction Sale
Please Call for Pricing & Current Availability

Bolivian Amarosa
DOB: 5/20/96  
SIRE: Bolivian Treasure   
DAM: Osa de Bolivia

Long stretchy neck with tremendous amount of long silky dense fiber that just makes her look round.  Outcross to almost all Bolivian pedigrees you will find.

Bolivian Talana
DOB: 12-6-97
SIRE: Mucho Gusto, Import
DAM: SMR Cielo Reina

Tall athletic, with long stretchy neck and fine silky wool. She is a very elegant female.  Bred to Bolivian Kona a Chavito son.  She is our finest female.

Sycamore's Bolivian Conchita
DOB: 05-12-01
SIRE: LW Tillamook
DAM: White Oak Colima

She is a toupe bay yearling with fine silky fleece.  Very sweet and curious.

Sycamore's Bolivian Adrina
DOB: 03-20-01
SIRE: Treasure's Commodore
DAM: Sugar Baby

She is mostly white with tricolored head and lots of head wool.  She will be tall like her mother with a long neck.  Very elegant and pretty.

Sycamore's Hannah
DOB: 05-30-95
SIRE: Caliph of Kings MT.
DAM: Dutchess Diana's Rose

Part Bolivian. Tall, large, stately female with lots of fleece.  A beautiful llama with excellent conformation and large bone. Open

Sycamore's Mariah
DOB: 11-18-96
SIRE: Sycamore's Bismark
DAM: Sycamore's Ebony Lace

Part Chilean. Smaller, white with black and brown patches. She has good wool coverage.  Good conformation.  Nice female.

Sycamore's Miranda
DOB: 11-9-96
SIRE: Sycamore's Bismark
DAM: Sycamore's Malaguena

Part Chilean. Larger, white with black and brown patches with small brown saddleVery pretty llama with beautiful head and good wool coverage.

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